Ifly Dubai Ticket

Per Head: AED 190


Book Ifly Dubai Ticket with Go Kite and enjoy a thrilling Indoor Sky diving experience. Skydiving is one of the most fun and enjoyable activities to do on the planet, but for some people jumping out of a plane above thousand feet above the ground is scary. And you may like the idea of doing the same in a safer environment. Ifly Dubai is the best place in Dubai where you can experience Sky Diving in an enclosed space.

Ifly is located on the third floor of Play Nation Area in Mirdif, Ifly is the perfect destination for kids (above three years) and Adults who are looking for the ultimate adventure experience. With this package, you will get the tickets and the chance to experience Sky Diving in a safe environment. Before the experience, would be provided with a 20 minutes instruction session by an expert. All flying gear including flying suit, helmet, goggles and disposable socks are provided with the ticket. Apart from this, an instructor would be guiding you during the entire duration of your jump. You need to pay extra for the photos and videos that are taken during your free fall.

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Indoor Free Fall Experience- Indoor Sky Dive in Dubai

No plane, no parachute, no problem. You can still do a skydive in Dubai with our I fly tickets. Book this indoor skydive experience today and the Powerful jet streams lift you up to 4 meters into the air giving Skydive like free-fall experience.

iFLY Dubai provides a unique indoor skydive experience with the first dual tunnels. The 2 wind tunnels are an amazing 10 meters tall with an acrylic glass wall. The state of the art technology ensures maximum safety to the divers. You can be an experienced diver or a beginner who want to experience Sky Dive closer to the ground.

The qualified instructors make sure that each of the guests experiences free fall in a controlled setting, providing you with just the right amount of airflow for the ultimate flight pleasure and above all, We make sure that each participant feels safe while flying in our tunnels.

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